• 10 years of renewable energy, 10 years of vortex energy

    In the summer of 2004, a small team of four created vortex energy. Today, vortex energy celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and with it a list of considerable achievements. This exciting enterprise has experienced its ups and downs, however we have used those obstacles as opportunities to consistently learn from mistakes, and to increase the level of professionalism within our firm. There is much to celebrate, including vortex energy's growth into a firm with 50 employees in Germany and Poland. With this team have come a range of skills and services  that have made vortex energy a successful wind energy developer, bringing 280 MW to realization. Our thanks go out to the vortex energy team and all involved in the projects; from the subcontractors and financial partners, to the advisors and investors who have trusted us so far.  Without the assistance of all these individuals, we would not have achieved these 10 years of success.

    Published 19. Jul 2014
  • vortex energy group makes EBRD Annual Meeting carbon neutral

    The 2014 Annual Meeting and Business Forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was one of the first major carbon neutral conferences ever in Poland. To achieve this goal, EBRD purchased the same amount of Emission Reduction Units (ERUs) the conference produced in CO2 emissions. The ERUs originated from the wind farm Śniatowo in Northwest Poland which was developed and constructed by vortex energy group. The vortex energy group has had this wind farms in operation since 2009.

    Please find the EBRD press release here (external link).

    Published 15. Jul 2014
  • Lauperath - Enercon E-101 Installation

    On Tuesday, the 8th of April 2014, one Enercon E-101 went operational. Operating as a general contractor and project developer, the vortex energy group has brought this single wind turbine project to realization; supplying green energy to an estimated 2,500 households. During the 10 months of construction, several obstacles had to be overcome. However, with the vortex energy group’s extensive capabilities along with the consultation of participating subcontractors, every problem was solved effectively and efficiently. Positive collaborations between authorities, subcontractors, owners, and vortex energy were important elements that made the construction phase a success. Lauperath is now completed and successfully operational. vortex energy deutschland gmbh will now take over the technical management of the wind energy plant, Lauperath. 


    Published 03. Jul 2014
  • vortex energy sells a 42 MW wind farm project in Poland

    vortex energy sells 42 MW wind farm project in Poland The vortex energy group has concluded an agreement with the Italian wind energy company, ERG Renew, to sell 100% of its shares in the company EW Orneta 2. EW Orneta 2 will keep the project rights for the construction of wind farms in the Polish community of Radziejów while upholding the planned capacity of 42 MW. After commission is complete, the wind farm will have an estimated electricity generation of 100 GWh per year, and has a reduced CO2 emission of approximately 85kt. Construction of the wind farm is expected to commence in the third quarter of 2014 and will be operational by mid 2015.

    A general contractor and project development contract has been signed between the vortex energy group and ERG Renew. Next, both parties will sign a management contract under which the vortex energy group will take over management of the wind farm from ERG Renew once it is operational.

    The wind farm will consist of 21 Vestas V90-2MW wind turbines, a technology that the vortex energy group has previously built in Poland and Germany.

    Published 23. May 2014
  • Lauperath - Construction Begins

    Located at Lauperath/Eifel, vortex energy deutschland GmbH commissioned the construction of an Enercon E-101 wind turbine with a hub height of 135,4 meters and a nominal capacity of 3.05 MW which supplies sufficient electricity for roughly 2500 households per year. This turbine marks two important innovations for vortex energy. On the one hand, it is the first cooperation between Enercon and vortex energy. On the other hand, after successful commissioning, vortex energy deutschland GmbH is going to take over technical operations and wind turbine management for the first time in Germany. Based on extensive long-term experience with our 146 MW Polish wind farms, we are perfectly suited to this.

    The hilly landscape of the Eifel is a real challenge for construction work but vortex energy already gathered many experience and know-how in this area (Eisenach/Eifel), which we will effectively use for this project. The start of operation is scheduled for the beginning of 2014.

    Published 01. Aug 2013
  • Gadegast - "Public Participation"

    Today vortex energy group informed all owners, who have concluded a contract with us, of the opportunity to participate in wind farm "Gadegast".

    Published 09. Apr 2013
  • Published 22. Mar 2013
  • Move to Kassel - new office

    March 2012 - Vortex has moved to their brand new office, located in Kassel, Obere Königsstraße.

    Obere Königstrasse is central in the heart of the city, in the midst of the pedestrian zone. Many companies, banks and public facilities are located here.

    The extension of office space meets the requierement to our demands on representativeness and professionalism.

    Our new adress: Obere Königsstraße 30, 34117 Kassel, Germany

    Published 17. Apr 2012
  • New website goes online!

    The urgently needed upgrade is now finally finished. As part of our extensive marketing activities, our public profile is playing an increasingly important role in our company. We hope that you like the look of the site and find it easy to navigate intuitively.

    Published 11. Aug 2011